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Welcome to PINK WOMANIA, Beauty Salon & Makeup Studio, Bijnor

Step into our quiet sanctuary, and step away from your hectic, everyday life.

Wash away your worries.

Irrespective of your needs, your search for the best beauty salon near me will end with us as we are a team of highly talented fashion professionals who can cater to your style fantasies and makeup dreams.

Know more…..

How Old You are is your Business.

How Young You Look is our Business.


Bridal Make-Up

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make up to look natural.

hair cut

Hair Cut

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.

Absolute Color

Absolute Color

The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.

Straightening and Texturing

Straightening & Texturing

Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty and an expression of self-love.

Hands and Feet

Hands & Feet

Your hand & feet never take a day off so take care of them.

Nail Extension & Art

Nail Extension & Art

Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails.